Oh So Yummy Carrot Cake

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Here is a recipe for an Oh So Yummy Carrot Cake that you can be pleased to feed your family. This recipe really illustrates just how nutritious even a sweet dessert can be for you and your kids. That means that this recipe is chock full of good things that you do not need to worry about feeding to your family. It does contain sugar and white flour, but there are other things in it, too, such as eggs (full of protein), pecans (nuts are always good to eat) and carrots (an excellent vegetable). So even though this is a sweet dessert, and you always want to be careful about sugar and white flour consumption, this dish also has plenty of good ingredients to offer. Desserts, especially when they are made at home from scratch, do not need to be full of sugar. A home made dessert, that is, one that is made using butter, flour, sugar and eggs, and not just an assembly of pre-purchased ingredients, will always have less sugar in it, and include good things such as the eggs. As well, a home made dessert can be put together using organic flour. That also means fewer additives and preservatives as well as no bleach (regular flour is often whitened using bleach, which is why organic flour appears slightly darker and has a more robust smell to it). And today, organic choices are often quite competitively priced to the regular items you might otherwise buy at your local grocery store. So consider organic, too, when you buy the ingredients to make your sweet foods at home.

You can bolster this recipe a bit more, if you want, to make it even more nutritious for you and your family. One way is to finely grind some oatmeal, preferably organic and steel cut, and substitute about one half cup of the ground oatmeal for one half cup of the white flour that the recipe calls for. That will bump up the nutritional value quite a bit. And the pecans are also very good to eat, and a great nutritional add in, so add plenty, and even sprinkle them on top of the cake for more nutrition. Pecans taste sweet, and are perhaps the most tender of all the nuts, giving only a delicate crunch to the dessert. And people who include nuts as a regular part of their eating plan generally consume more potassium, fiber, protein, calcium and magnesium than people who do not eat nuts. So eat plenty of nuts yourself, and get your kids in the habit, too! A bowl of peanuts on the table for the kids to grab and drop in to their pockets as snack food on the way to school is a terrific and nutritious snack for them. Just be sure that your school allows nuts on the premises, since so many kids have issues with legumes.

This recipe is fairly easy, but you do have to grate the carrots and chop the pecans, so a bit of work is involved in making this dessert. The topping is the classic cream cheese frosting that every one loves so well. You could try this cake plain—it is fabulous that way, as well. Any way you enjoy it, make it soon for the family. They will appreciate it.

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