Old Fashioned German Potato Salad

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Potato salad is such a varied dish with different types of dressings or mix-in ingredients. Even the temperature of potato salad recipes can be diverse depending on if you like your potatoes warm or cold. Your family recipe for potato salad might most likely be a make-ahead variety, served cold, that you can easily transport to a potluck or barbecue, but have you ever had the joy of tucking into a warm potato salad recipe before? This German potato salad recipe will show you just how good a warm salad can be with layers of potato, bacon, and onions, and tangy apple cider dressing.

Although this German potato salad recipe is what many typically accept as the classic German potato salad, german potato salad recipes vary by region. The fact is that german potato salad recipes like this one are more common in Southern Germany while Northern Germany has german potato salad recipes that are mayonnaise based and more similar to the North American potato salad recipe. In Germany, a favourite meal is potato salad served alongside any manner of sausage, like bratwurst, knackwurst, or even Vienna sausage. Whatever you choose to serve this dish with you can’t go wrong with german potato salad recipes like this one.

This recipe for German potato salad involves layering potatoes with raw onions and the cooked bacon dressing, before baking it in the oven. Reheating german potato salad recipes like this is crucial, since the bacon fat helps create the dressing, and you don’t want in congealed, as it would if the salad recipe were left cold. This method of preparation isn’t that popular in Germany, though, since many german potato salad recipes are simply tossed with hot broth, and other ingredients like onions, mustard, oil, and vinegar, then left to soak. These german potato salad recipes can be served at any temperature, but as usual, kartoffelsalat recipes are best when given an hour or two to meld all the flavours together.

This potato salad, like all german potato salad recipes, is huge on flavour because of the sweet and sourness provided by apple cider vinegar and granulated sugar. If desired, you could use white wine vinegar to prepare this dish, but the apple cider gives a lot of additional sweetness and pairs very well with the bacon. To boost the apple flavour, you could also add a chopped fresh apple towards the end for some added crunch, which can sometimes be found in german potato salad recipes. When making german potato salad recipes, many types of potatoes can be used, but if you make your salad with a starchy potato, like russets, your potatoes will break apart a lot more instead of being in nice slices that German potato salad recipes are known for. Instead, consider making your potato salad with a waxy potato like new potatoes or Yukon Gold, which will hold together much better once cooked. Thank you to Anna and Linda, the authors of ‘Blessed Beyond Crazy’ recipe and lifestyle blog, for sharing their old-fashioned German potato salad recipe with us.**

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