Old Fashioned Orange Jello Salad

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There is always room for J-E-L-L-O. How about making a good 'Old Fashioned Orange Jello Salad' Makes me think of ' I Love Lucy' and 'The Ed Sullivan Show' and growing up. Those Sunday night family dinners and those crazy fun desserts. Yes, I guess I just dated myself! Jell-O was super popular.

There were ads on TV, and birthday parties with brightly colored Jell-O chopped into cubes or layered or with yummy fruit cocktail in them.

Jell-O seems to have come a long way and is still popular with kids, putting a 'wiggle in their jiggle' and much older 'kids' making Jell-O shooters. So many uses for this product! What makes Jell-O jiggle?

Jell-O is made with powdered gelatin, sugar and artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors. It is very scientific, and I'm not going to try to explain it here, but it is a result of gelatin and boiling water combining and breaking down bonds that hold gelatin strands together. The process of boiling and chilling the substance allows the new substance to be formed but because water is trapped in pockets it makes a "colloid' or substance formed when tiny particles are dispersed in a solution! This is WAY too scientific for me to even begin to try to properly explain. One can research on their own further if one is a scientist and needs to know. For the rest of us we just know it is very cool, and it wiggles and jiggles and is super fun to eat!

Some of the other ingredients in the old fashioned favorite are canned fruits, mini marshmallows, whipping cream and even a little bit of grated cheese!

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