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Try this vareniki recipe for something that is wonderfully cultural and potentially quite different from what you make day to day (unless you are already from Eastern Europe!). Vareniki is a type of dough that is filled and then boiled. Sometimes, after it is boiled, it is tossed on to a pan, drizzled with butter and then baked briefly. They can be served alone, or tossed again with butter, oil, cheese, sugar or any manner of things. How these come together depends on whether you are making a savory or sweet version of this dish.

Vareniki are possibly Russian in origin, but many cultures prepare foods this way. Chinese cooking is famous for its boiled and baked wraps, for example. In any case, it is one type of cooking that modern American recipes do not embrace enough. Vareniki create a soft and tender exterior dough with a varied filling. You can put fruit and cheese, just cheese, meat and meat blends, or even just vegetables. The variations are quite endless, and limited only by your own imagination. On this website, blueberries are stuffed inside the vareniki with some sugar, and then boiled. Afterwards, melted butter is drizzled on top, and the website creator suggests other possibilities such as sour cream. You could also add a cinnamon sugar or some variation like that.

Vareniki are not at all difficult to make, and there is great pleasure in putting them together. Invite some friends over and make a huge amount as a collective then bring the families together for a vareniki party. Make savory ones and sweet one and eat your way from dinner through to dessert. What a lot of fun! Do this soon.

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