Old Fashioned Potato Salad

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Try this Old Fashioned Potato Salad recipe that is perfect and an easy to make for family dinners. The dressing for this salad uses fresh dill to enhance the flavors, and that’s what gives it such an unusual twist. The potatoes are done until creamy and then tossed in the dressing and served fresh. When you talk about comfort foods, you cannot help but think about potatoes. Be it for the holidays, during the summer or any family gathering, potatoes have got to be on the food menu. This easy salad recipe made with potatoes is such a wonderful side dish to go with grilled meats or sandwiches and one of the best healthy salads you can make for your family. Potatoes are such a versatile vegetable when it comes to preparing meals. There are so many potato recipe ideas and variations that one can never get bored. You can always be creative and change up any potato recipe the way you like it. This potato salad recipe not only adds a lot of family fun at the dinner table.

Did you know that potatoes are fat-free, gluten-free and cholesterol free? Potato nutritional benefits come from potassium, iron and vitamin c present in it which are vital and essential nutrients for your body. Potatoes also have the right kind of carbohydrates your body needs. A serving size of six small potatoes has about 120 calories. The potato nutritional benefits is a great reason to include potatoes in your diet more often. For making this easy salad recipe You could use small sized potatoes which are called as Creamer potatoes.

You can replace the mayonnaise with Greek yogurt if you want for a healthier option. A vegan option for mayonnaise in this recipe is mashed avocados for dressing the potatoes. Avocados have a velvety, creamy mayonnaise-like texture that adds a great taste. Hummus is also another fantastic option for dressing the potatoes with. There are so many variations to making this easy Salad recipe. You can add red, yellow and orange peppers if you want to this salad. Throw some greens like kale, arugula and chopped lettuce in it. Add some black beans or chickpeas to make it extra nutritious. Adding peas or fresh corn will enhance the taste and give the salad a pleasant sweetness. Try adding bacon bits or grilled chicken breast, shrimp, tuna, turkey bits, or ham chunks are all great meat options as well. Some interesting dressings to add into this salad are Ranch, Italian, or Thousand Island. You can even add spices like paprika, cayenne pepper, Cajun spice, or garlic powder as well. Thank you to Mary at the ‘Sweet Little Bluebird' food blog for sharing this Old Fashioned Potato Salad recipe with us. For more healthy dinner ideas do check out Mary's blog where she shares best healthy salads. This potato salad recipe is refreshingly new and makes a comforting family meal. Try it, you’ll be hooked to this delicious potato salad recipe. We promise!

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