Old Fashioned Pudding Cups

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Old Fashioned Pudding Cups is a favorite dessert that we don’t see as much as we should. The reason might be because this dessert takes a bit of time and patience. But the end result is a delicious combination of creamy and foamy that creates a taste sensation you will be proud to present to your family and they will be more than delighted to eat on your behalf. Make lots—calls for seconds will definitely be in the mix.

Try out this recipe when you have some time without too many distractions. Read it through if you have not made custard or home pudding before so you know how the parts come together. You will need a couple of bowls to make the different parts of the custard. The parts are then blended and cooked on the stove top. It can burn so use your best pot and stay on top of the mixture while it cooks. Stir continually as it thickens. When you accomplish this step of the recipe you will feel enormous satisfaction. Custard and pudding made from scratch are an advanced skill in baking and a real achievement for today’s home cooks.

Once you complete the custard, this recipe serves it up in individual dishes. Then the topping, another somewhat challenging step in the dessert, is prepared and piled on top. The whole thing is put into under the broiler for a few short seconds to lightly brown the meringue tops. This step will also require you to keep a sharp eye on the process.

This dessert is prepared in heatproof dishes or ramekins. They are lovely individual serving dishes that, if you don’t yet own them, are not expensive to buy. Or put them on your wish list and let your family know what you can make for them if only you had a set of ramekins.

This dessert is light, fresh and flavorful and will become a family favorite in no time.

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