Old Fashioned Scalloped Potatoes

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Old Fashioned Scalloped Potatoes are a somewhat rare serving to find at a table very often. I am not sure why. Potatoes made with layers of cheese (and sometimes onion and other ingredients) then baked for an hour or so until they are bubbly and brown are fantastic. If you can watch the bake, and let the bottom and sides overcook just a bit, it will create a sort of crunchy chewy crust that is just to die for. These potatoes should be served every week. They are delicious and nutritious, and they taste great with any green (broccoli, asparagus, Swiss chard or whatever your favorite is) and any meat, chicken or fish. There is just no going wrong with this dish, and it is easy peasy to make.

This site rates this recipe as a, 5, which according to their rating scale means a dish that is “excellent . . . I could survive on this alone.” I agree. Scalloped potatoes are a truly exceptional dish made from a humble vegetable that too often gets overlooked. There is lots of debate about the name, scalloped potatoes, for this dish. It is sometimes thought to come from the old English word, collops, or the French word, escalope, but it more likely simply refers to the term, scallops, in English cooking, meaning to bake in a sauce. Thus, you can have scalloped tomatoes or corn or many other similar dishes.

There are plenty of twists on this dish, too. It can be layered with other vegetables, like onions, which are a fabulous complement to the cheese and potatoes. It can also have a crunchy top of breadcrumbs or even bacon, if you prefer it. This dish is wonderful in its simplicity and delicious with almost any twist you bring to it. Try it today.

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