Old Fashioned Strawberry Milkshake

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Okay. This recipe offers a great start to an Old Fashioned Strawberry Milkshake, but there is plenty of mileage in a recipe such as this one. First, use fresh strawberries if you can find them. Nothing beats their summer time fresh flavor. Next, buy good ice cream. Get a brand that is nothin’ but cream and sugar (okay, maybe a bit of milk solids, but easy does it on the additives and preservatives). Put that in the shake. Add your own homemade vanilla, and plenty of it. One tablespoon per shake is not too much. Add a blend of milk and cream, not just straight milk. And you will actually have to add a bit more sugar, if you use fresh strawberries.

Once you have the basics down, start to play. Make it a strawberry shake night at your house, and have everyone come up with their own variation. What about strawberry and grated orange peel? That is a lovely combination. Or, for older folks, how about a little Grand Marnier in the mix? Yum. (Only one of those, please.) Strawberries and rhubarb, anyone? That’s a mix where you will have to add sugar, for sure. Or try strawberries and pepper. It’s a combination that gained notoriety some years ago. Personally, I never understood it. But someone in your family might.

There is really nothing quite like a strawberry shake. It stands out from vanilla and chocolate, perhaps because it uses fresh (or should use) strawberries that make the flavor pop. Make a night of it with your family suggesting variations that you could all try together. Make them on one of those hot sultry summer nights when the world is living easy, and enjoy.

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