Old Fashioned Vegetable Soup

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Soup is good for the soul. When you are considering an easy soup idea then take the time to check out this recipe from mother and daughter cooking team of Anna and Linda. You can’t go wrong with a mother’s homemade soup recipe. Healthy soups can be anyone you make and add or take away ingredients you like or dislike. The best soup is the one you and your diners love to eat again and again. This soup includes meat, either chicken or beef, but as with all recipes you are the final judge and if you say something stays then it does and if you decide to throw something out of court for lack of health benefits then that is the final ruling.

Easy soup ideas can also be ones like this one that call for the meat in the recipe to be slow cooked for upwards of 4 hours. Just because a soup takes long to cook never think it is not easy. Healthy soups are never made in haste and the best soup usually takes time and love to make. Let each recipe you run across be your inspiration to let your creativity flow from the broth to the final creation.Many of us have a favorite soup that either our granny or momma would cook for us on days when it was cold outside or if we were not feeling 100%. That being said we can all agree on one thing. Everyone has or has had a grandmother and mother. That being said we all have a great memory involving a soup they lovingly prepared for us as kids. It is difficult to forget a certain image of them over the stove while the great aroma of the soup wafted through the air. Those are the memories that stay with us and it is nice to pass those kinds of memories to the next generation.

If you consider your favorite soup recipes then the one you remember most is one that you cherish and only share with people you are sure will love it as much as you have. This vegetable soup recipe from mother daughter duo of Anna and Linda can be the one that you take and add something of your own to and can become the starting point for your own traditional soup that you will pass on through the generations and hopefully the ones you pass it to will also pay it forward.Even if a recipe calls for meat to be added just relax if you are a vegetarian because any meal can be made meatless. You just have to move some things around and whatever you are using as the substitute just make sure the cooking time might have to be revamped to make the recipe work. Never be tied to any recipe since they are only a guide and should only be used as an inspiration. Thanks to Anna and Linda of Blessed Beyond Crazy Blog for this yummy Old Fashioned Vegetable Soup Recipe and bon apetit.**

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