OMG Chocolate Fudge Layered Lush

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OMG Chocolate Fudge Layered Lush dessert is something that kids will love. It is sweet, layered with chocolate pudding and whipped cream, and foamy and delicious. What’s not for a kid to love in this dessert? And this recipe gets plenty of help from pre-packaged foods like the pudding that make it all come together a bit more quickly than if you started from scratch (which you could do; there are plenty of great chocolate pudding recipes out there).

This recipe is also simple enough for aspiring young bakers and cooks to attempt pretty much on their own. A little guidance might be needed for the cake base that is cooked in the oven, but beyond that, the ingredients come together in a mixer (free standing or hand held will work). The result is a lush (thus the name) dessert that will taste creamy and smooth and wonderful on your throat. The trick here might be to keep yourself from eating too many pieces! And, as the blogger and recipe creator, Melissa remarks, it is a great over night party treat for the kids.

Make this snack whenever a bunch of the kids are together. They love the sweet food, and once in a while, why not let them have a treat such as this one? Be sure to keep it refrigerated until ready to serve in order to keep the dish firm enough to serve easily. Of course, if the piece falls apart a bit, it is doubtful there will be any complaints. Chocolate, whipped cream, pecans and other yummy ingredients blended to create a smooth and chocolate-y result. Try it soon. Your family will thank you for it (and so will every kid on the block)!

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