OMG For around $30 They Made this Easy Patio Privacy Screen!

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Could you use a little bit of extra privacy in your yard? If you don't want to spend a lot of money on creating some privacy, there are some great diy ideas and do it yourself home projects you can try out including a diy idea for a privacy screen. Fortunately, Tawsha and Patti from Hometalk were able to come up with a great diy idea for a privacy screen that only costs around $30 and only takes about two hours to create. All you'll need for this do it yourself home project is some wooden lattice and some wood for the frame. If you can get some recycled wood for this diy project, even better because it will save you even more money on this project. If you have some paint around you could also paint the screen to match your home, but you can also leave it with just a simple wood finish which looks great too. Make sure you put a protective coat of polyurethane on the wood though to protect it from the natural elements. It all depends on the size of the space you're looking to fill up. For this diy idea, they used 32 inch by 48 inch pieces of lattice for their opening. So measure your space and see what size of screen will cover it and get pieces of lattice from the hardware store to fit in the centre of the space.

Then, you will create the diy frame from the wood pieces and paint it or seal it and glue it to the lattice and staple it in place with a staple gun to frame it nicely. You can then add some hardware like eye screws to hang it up where you want it. Then, you can attach some strong chain to the eye screws and hang it from your awning from a secured screw or another sturdy hook. Measure to make sure that each of the panels is spaced out properly though. It would help to have someone else help you out on this part of the project though. You shouldn't need to anchor the bottom part of the panels either, and they should just hang nicely on their own. If it's really windy where you live you may want to anchor them to the ground, but it's not completely necessary. Having them hang freely gives them a more of an airy feeling. You'll see how great the panels look once they are all set up in the place you hang them.

You could even hang some lightweight lights on the diy screens or put some plants on them if they're not too heavy. Some fabric could even jazz them up a bit too. If you don't have an awning to hang your privacy screens from you could build a stand for them to either hang from or a frame that is stable to stand on the ground. All you would have to do is create some posts in the ground and anchor them with cement which you can find at the hardware store. You could then create a post above to hang the diy screens from. Another affordable idea is to get some of the bamboo blinds that you can find a the hardware store or at a garden centre and hang them in the open space for privacy. They are great because you can roll them up if need be as well. Setting up a trellis with some climbing vines could also work in the right space, and if you own your home, you could also plant some nice bushes as privacy screening. Try out this diy idea and check out all of the other great diy ideas on Hometalk.***

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