One Bowl German Brownies

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Any recipe that has only one step is an easy brownie recipe that many of us will love. When it comes to easy desserts and fun desserts this one step brownie recipe fits both categories. When you are baking or even cooking the fact that in one step you can be done and ready to bake then that is the easy brownie recipe that should be in your repertoire. When it comes to easy desserts the word easy is not always part of the equation. Baking is fun and you can create a great product but baking is usually much more difficult than cooking since with cooking you have leeway considering the ingredient portions but with baking you must be much more precise in your measurements. That being said never be scared to make fun desserts and not only easy desserts. The beauty is in the making and if you don’t make it perfect the first time you can always learn from your mistakes and try again.

When you take the task on of baking brownies or any other dense baked good you must always remember that each recipe is specific to the ingredients. This will vary the cooking times and when it comes to the different ingredients they can make quite a difference in this regard. The more ingredients that are included and are ones that will have some water in them, fruits of many kinds, this will always keep the center more moist so your amount of time in the oven will most probably be longer. Consider this if you are planning to add to a recipe. Adding extras is great but the recipe usually is quite specific to the ingredients listed for that recipe. If you want to add fruit then you must always plan on having the dish in the oven longer than suggested if there is no fruit in the original recipe. If you decide to add nuts that usually will also alter the time since most if not all nuts will have natural oils that escape while under heat.

When it comes to the history of this delicious treat the first time that the word brownie shows up can be traced back to an 1896 edition of the Boston School Cooking Book authored by Fanny Farmer. Like many recipes from the past the exact cook or writer of the recipe is always up for grabs since many recipes have been handed down from one generation to the next. One thing that is never argued is the fact that the recipe is always intended to guide you so the precise and exact original recipe has changed as much as how the size of fish that is caught always gets bigger as the story is passed along.

Thanks to Love From The Oven Blog for this yummy and filling One Step German Brownie Recipe that can be your very own with a minor adjustment here or there. Always remember baking is an art form so take your time because an artistic endeavor takes time.

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