One Man Spent 22 Years Carving Out This Tiny Tree Stump House

Photo Credit: Good House Keeping

Check out how One Man Spent 22 Years Carving Out This Tiny Tree Stump House. This tiny tree stump house is an astonishing creation of beauty and style, not to mention an absolutely perfectly original work of art. It is a testament to how a person can keep working at something until it is finished, even when it takes months, years or even decades, and in this case, 22 years.

This little house is a glorious piece of artwork created by artist Noel Wotton, who carved out not only a tiny home, but also pieces of furniture to complete this hobbit-sized (and looking) tree home from the stump of a giant Sitka Spruce tree. It is whimsical, friendly, compelling and inviting to view. The website sports plenty of photos of this fantastic creation. The roof looks like Gandalf’s hat, a tall, spiraling construction that topples crazily upward only to tip back over itself at the very top. The door is round, hobbit-style. You must check it out.

The inside features smoothed wood walls of the tree stump that started it all more than 22 years ago. It is bright and cheerful because of the window and door, which provide light inside. There are chairs, shelves, tables, and other components that are wonderfully carved. The entire place is one fantastical whimsical and magical place. You can see children spending many hours inside and around this little tree stump house. The house is a real gem, and certainly gives testament to what one man can do when committed to something. If you are feeling like you cannot finish some project around your house, just take a look at this place, and you may recommit to whatever you’re doing today. Meantime, check out this website for the story and photos and some inspiration.

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