One Pan Fondu Mac n Cheese

Photo Credit: The Londoner

Who doesn't love a nice comforting macaroni and cheese once in a while? If you are craving some cheesy goodness, why not try out this One Pan Fondu Mac n Cheese the next time you feel like something really cheesy and comforting. People love to eat comfort food usually when they are having a tough day, and they want a nice home cooked meal, like the foods we would eat when we were kids. Think of the foods you had growing up, like mac and cheese that your mom made for you with so much love, and you just felt so happy eating it. The memories bring us back to these all time classics that we still turn to for some heart warming nourishment.

This One Pan Fondu Mac n Cheese is an awesome alternative to the boxed Kraft mac and cheese, it looks so nice and perfectly cheesy, and it can feed a lot of people as well and all in one pot only too! That is always nice, too, to not have to wash a bunch of dishes after having a nice comforting meal, when all you probably want to do is rest and digest. This is perfect for a group of 4 kids, as the author of this recipe says. She made it for four kids, coming in from playing out in the cold weather, and they absolutely devoured it!

This awesome One Pan Fondu Mac n Cheese would be the most awesome thing to make for kids, they would just love it! The author even added bacon to the mix, to give it some protein and because kids love bacon and everything is better with bacon as the saying goes. Try it out on your kids and see how much they love it, and bookmark it or pin it on Pintrest for later! Head over to ' The Londoner' by following the link in the section below!

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