One Pan Greek Chicken

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If you are searching for food ideas and good family meals give this delicious potato recipe that has chicken in the mix a try. It is not always that you can put all your meal in one pan and have them all cook together at the same time frame. This offering from Jessica can accomplish just that feat. Food ideas flow from recipes you have come across in your cooking experience. They are made to inspire you to make your own great recipes. Good family meals are based on food that is healthy and nutritious and delicious. Jessica brings you a delicious potato recipe that has chicken, tomatoes, asparagus and love. The fact that you can cook them all together and not worry about the time since they cook under the same time range is also great. This day and age the ability to multitask in and out of the kitchen is important. We strive to make meals that can be filling yet healthy and if you make adjustments to ingredients in any recipe you can achieve all your needs.

Never feel tied to the recipe since as with this one you can change one veggie for another or one spice can be left out and one can be added. Flexibility is the key and cooking gives us that option. Use the recipe to inspire you for future meals.

Chicken has been the inspiration for many great recipes since man first decided to cook meats and not only live off of veggies as it was in the beginning. We now use most meat that can be eaten and we have an abundant amount of ways to cook them. This exact recipe calls for the chicken to be roasted in the oven along with the side dishes as well. This is a convenient way to

prepare your families meal since it gives you time for getting the desert ready while everything cooks together. This method of cooking is akin to many recipes that call for potatoes, onions, and mushrooms, carrots and celery to be the bed for the whole chicken and a roasting pan to be the vessel.

The beauty of cooking like this is in the fact that all the different juices from all the ingredients sharing the cooking space can mingle and bump up or enhance each one’s flavors.This recipe uses thighs and drumsticks which are considered the dark meats and not as health conscious as the white meat but again as with other things there are ways to cut down on the fat content. You can take the skin off and this takes away most of the fat but you can also always drain the fat that accumulates and then continue the cooking process. As with most recipes always take the best parts that you feel are in line with your health concerns and you will find that you are not taking away the taste but are making your heart happy. Thanks to Jessica of Swanky Recipe Blog for this yummy One Pan Greek Chicken Recipe and bon apetit.**

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