One Pan Mexican Wraps

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Wraps are great and you can load them up with healthy and nutritious ingredients and have a light meal. Jacquelyn brings you a great addition to your healthy dinner ideas file. She blends together quinoa, fresh veggies and spices and fills them deliciously in a tortilla wrap. If you are looking for healthy eating ideas then you have come to the right place. Quinoa is one of the best ways to get a grain into your diet that will not leave you feeling heavy. Healthy dinner recipes that include quinoa now have another addition. The wrap gives us a great place to add many flavorful ingredients to while keeping the meal in the healthy range. They are usually made with many different things.

You can get whole-wheat ones, flavored ones, 12 grain and even plain ones. These light flat breads have been a staple of Mexican, Armenian, Greeks and Middle Easterners since before the 18th century. There are many healthy dinner ideas that include them in the recipe. When looking to make a quick meal then add wraps to your healthy dinner recipes list and your diners will love you for it. They are very light and allow for quite a bit of food to be placed in them. You will be coming up with many new healthy eating ideas when you consider wraps as the vehicle to add healthy ingredients to.

Native Americans were one of the first peoples to come up with a form of wrap made from corn meal. Tortillas you eat to this day are also still made in a similar way to the first ones made by Indigenous Americans. They never specifically used them as wraps as we do today but they did use them in most meals and would share this with the explorers that arrived in the New World all those years ago. Today we can find wraps made called tortillas, pitas and Naan bread from the Middle East. We have now made them into pockets that you fill with your favorite ingredients. Wraps provide a chance to experiment with many unique flavors and the options are only limited to the cooks imagination.

Jacquelyn has decided to add quinoa to veggies and this is a great way to get quinoa into your system and eat healthy while still enjoying the spices and sauce she has made them with. You can add meat like chicken breast if you are so inclined but having a vegetarian option is great for those of us trying to shed some unwanted pounds. This recipe from Jacquelyn can be filled and then finished off in the oven or you can enjoy them as they are. Heating them in the oven will give them a crispier texture to give your diners an extra crunch.The next time you want a light meal for dinner or if friends are coming to visit then consider this wonderful recipe from the kitchen of Jacquelyn. Thanks to Jacquelyn of Marin Mama Cooks Blog for this yummy One Pan Mexican Wraps Recipe and bon apetit.**

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