One Pan Sausage and Potatoes

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Meat and potatoes are the basis for many family friendly meal ideas and sausage meat is a great paring with the versatile spud. A great meat definition is usually found by looking at the faces of the diners. When they are smiling then you now it meant great if they are frowning then you know it wasn’t what you expected. Cooking is like that since you pour your heart into a recipe you have discovered and are sure everyone will like it until you get that look, you know the one, the look that tells you something went wrong. Never fret since recipes and cooking are meant to be experimental. Your diners are the mice and your meals are the cheese.

Sausage meat varies from one recipe to the other. The true meat definition is in the way you cook it and the love you add. This offering from Judy can definitely be included in your family friendly meal ideas folder since it has the two main ingredients to a great meal. It can be made in 30 minutes or less and it

is stick to the ribs great. There are potatoes in the recipe and Mary uses leftover potatoes that cuts down on the cooking time and allows for you to have time for that special desert you wanted to create.Fresh potatoes are not required in a recipe like this one and leftovers work great and make your life easier. When you plan to boil, steam or bake potatoes always add some more than you will need for the meal They are great in the fridge and once made you can readily take them out and quickly add them to recipes like this one or casseroles.

Potatoes have been part our pantries and recipes for many years and their versatility have seen them be included in many different recipes from every corner of the globe. They can be made in so many different techniques and added to recipes in so many different forms add to their special place in our epicurean journey. You can use them as a thickening agent to soups they can be cut and fried and paired with a delicious hamburger or mashed and have gravy added and many other great ways. This recipe calls for leftover potatoes to be paired with smoked kielbasa but you can exchange that for no meat and add tofu if you are veggie oriented. If you are not a sausage connoisseur then you might like pork chunks or beef ones and never forget chicken breast or even turkey.

The next time you have some leftover potatoes and even left over meat or veggies then consider making this recipe or just fly by the seat of your pants and make your own concoction and remember the recipe should ignite your creative side. Thanks to Judy of the Midnight Baker Blog for this yummy One Pan Sausage and Potatoes Recipe. Give leftovers a chance to shine one more time and be a great meal and bon apetit.**

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