One Pan Stroganoff

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This recipe from Judy should be added to your family meal planner and great recipes folder. It is one of many dinner ideas with meat. Always remember that you do not have to add the meat if you are not a meat eater. Any recipe that calls for meat can be substituted and please never forget that. You are the master of the recipe and if the master calls for no meat then it shall be that way. At the same time if you love to eat meat then you can leave the meat in but just exchange beef for pork or any other meat you prefer. You family meal planner can always use a meal that combines a protein with a veggie and a starch. You can have all the essentials in one recipe and once you’ve made it you can enjoy the fact that all your nutritional needs were met with one meal and all in one pan. How nice is that?

Dinner ideas with meat and great dinner recipes go hand in hand. You can have both in one recipe here in Judy’s offering. This stroganoff recipe can be prepared and made in only 20 minutes and that is how long it takes to go to the drive thru and get a fast food meal that is never as healthy as ones you can prepare in the luxury and convenience of your own home.We are going to see a recipe that is one of many recipes that are great dinner ideas with meat. This Stroganoff recipe is one of Russia’s great dinner recipes. Judy takes us to Russia and we don’t have to leave the privacy of our own home and we can dream of beautiful nights on the Volga River while the time slips away. Her take on this old, 19th century, beef recipe does not vary much from the traditional recipe but it does require you make a change here or there to make it unique to your palate.

The most common noodles used in most dishes with meat and sauce like this wonderful dish are egg noodles, something we see a lot of when making goulash or ratatouille. Judy goes with these noodles but here we have another chance to make the recipe our own by going the traditional route and leaving the noodles out and making a side dish to compliment the stroganoff. With a wonderful meat and sauce dish like this mashed potatoes are a wonderful way to allow you to sop up the rich sauce. The beauty of most meat recipes with sauce is that it opens the door to side dishes that are common to the area where the cook is from and allows for much flexibility. Judy has taken the traditional stroganoff recipe and added egg noodles which makes this dish her own and as we know all of us can do the same and add or take something away from her’s to make it ours. Thanks to Judy of The Midnight Baker Blog for this yummy One Pan Stroganoff Recipe and bon apetit.**

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