One Pan Taco Skillet

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This recipe for One Pan Taco Skillet uses plenty of great ingredients to serve up a nutritious and tasty dinner. This meal is literally a one dish dinner. That is always great, especially on days when you do not have the energy to pull any thing together. This is a great dish, made with plenty of interesting spices, including cumin, which adds great depth and smokiness to the flavor. The recipe calls for powdered garlic, but you could easily use fresh garlic here, and possibly have an even better tasting taco skillet dinner. Fresh garlic is the best way to get the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories that are action packed in every little clove of garlic.

There are other terrific and nutritious ingredients in this One Pan Taco Skillet dinner. Most notable, perhaps, are the black beans. Black beans are a very dense and nutritious food. They also taste great, and add an interesting texture and color to whatever meal they are added in to. Black beans have their own spot on the food pyramid of Brazil because the bean is so integral to the native diet and is so loaded with good nutrition. Beans add fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates to your food plan, and all important elements for a balanced diet. They also offer excellent support for our colon and digestive tract. Add black beans to any food where they will fit in, and keep your family healthy.

Finally, this dish can be made with either turkey or beef. Each meat offers a very different flavor from the other. Turkey also contains tryptophan, a component in serotonin. Perhaps that is why, after we eat turkey dinner, we are all in such a good mood! Of course, turkey also contains loads of other nutrition, including phosphorous and iron, not to mention protein (and a lean source of protein, too). In any event, make this dish twice, once with beef, and once with turkey, and see which one you and your family prefer. Enjoy this dish soon.

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