One Pan-One Hour Braised Chicken

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Try this great One Pan-One Hour Braised Chicken, and see how quick and easy it can be to make chicken in a pan. This chicken recipe is fabulous and also so quick to pull together for you and the family that you can even make it on days when you are running behind or running low on energy. This chicken recipe is just that simple to make. And it blends some great ingredients that everyone in the family will just love. This recipe includes both lemons and olives, which might seem like a contrast or even a competition, of flavors. But, surprisingly, perhaps, the sharp tang of the lemon and the salty taste of the olives create a fabulous sauce blend to cook the chicken in. That is less surprising since chicken can take on so many varied tastes and seasonings. That is because the meat is a rather mild one, especially compared to strong meats such as beef or lamb.

This chicken recipe is made in a single pan, which is really great for speed and for clean up afterwards. You just pop the chicken right in to the pan and cook it among the other ingredients that are included in this yummy dinner dish. This recipe can be served with lots of other things in order to create a full meal for you and the family. You could make potatoes to serve with this chicken recipe. The nicest ones might be sliced, with the skins on, and then drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper and baked in the oven. That style of potato would probably work well with this dish. Of course, if you prefer to have smashed potatoes with garlic that would also taste great. Noodles would also work well with this chicken recipe. Any kind that you enjoy would likely taste great, and they would also soak up the flavors and juices from the chicken and other ingredients. Rice, and almost any kind you and your family like best, would also taste great with this chicken recipe.

There are plenty of ways to serve up and enjoy this chicken recipe. It is a quick and easy dish to make that also serves up plenty of nutrition. Chicken is a lean and fabulous meat that is also loaded with plenty of protein. You can always feel good about giving this meal to your kids and the rest of the family. It is also a dish that does not take any time at all to pull together, and so when you have little time and possibly low energy this dish is one that you could make for the family. Enjoy this meal soon with your family.

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