One Pot Goulash

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Nothing beats one pot goulash for a hearty meal that is quick, easy, convenient and cheap to make. There also aren’t a lot of dishes or unusual ingredients to buy to make the dish. What else can you ask for? This recipe blends all the ingredients that make a goulash great, namely, lots of beef, onions, veggies and noodles. This meal is ready in about 30 minutes, so it is a great go to dish for dinner. It also freezes beautifully, and some might argue, this recipe actually tastes better once it has been frozen. You decide. Make a double batch, though, because this will be a popular dish in the fall and winter.

The original goulash comes to us from Hungary, originating there in about the ninth century. Herdsmen made the dish from beef they slaughtered as they took cattle to market. According to Wikipedia, the original dish used whatever meat was available, cooked it and then dried it, and stored the seasoned beef in the stomachs of sheep until it was ready to eat. Then the dried meat was reconstituted with water to make a thick stew or soup. It is a national dish of Hungary, and the name, goulash, translates to, roughly, herdsman.

Today’s goulash is as varied as any dish can get, using any meat such as beef, venison, or other meat. It historically contained paprika and other spices, but again, as the recipe spread, different cultures altered it to meet their own needs and local tastes. The thickness varies from a heavy soup to chock-a-block thick stew. It can be served with noodles, rice or potatoes. Or, serve it alone. Today, some version of this recipe can likely be found pretty much anywhere in the world. Enjoy this dish when the weather gets cooler and you and your family need some warmth in your tummies.

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