One Pot Sausage Pasta

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This is a great recipe made entirely from scratch for one pot kielbasa pasta. Cooking in one pot means all the flavor is captured from each stage of cooking and helps to improve the flavor of the recipe. As well, of course, it means fewer dishes to clean up later. As well, one pot meals always seem to taste great, perhaps because of the blending of all the flavors together, or may be just because one pot meals seem like a friendly way to cook a meal. Here kielbasa sausage, a delicious sausage and easy to find in your grocery store, is blended with lots of good ingredients.

One important ingredient is the garlic. Be sure to add the freshest garlic you can. Garlic contains the compound, allicin, a unique and important sulfur compound for good health that we get from the garlic (and onion) family. To maximize its benefits, use the freshest garlic you can find, preferably only a few days old, so if you grow it in your back yard, you can get the best of it. As well, once you cut or crush the individual clove, allow it to sit for a couple of minutes. This allows the allicin to become fully active in the garlic. Besides its cardiovascular benefits, garlic is a great source of selenium, and helps the absorption of iron in your body. There is also some early research that suggests garlic may influence the development of fat cells in the body, although this research is still in the earliest stages.

This dish is made with pasta, which should also be properly prepared. Learn to recognize the el dente stage where pasta should be taken off and cooking stopped. It is slightly less cooked than the stage where many people cook their pasta, but there are also important nutritional benefits from eating all pasta just at the el dente point.

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