One Pot Skinny Pasta Primavera

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Try this lovely dish that makes up as a One Pot Skinny Pasta Primavera. There is nothing better than something that tastes this good, and comes together in just one pot. One pot meals are not recent, really, although it does seem that bakers and cooks are becoming more and more creative with putting together really great recipes using the one pot approach. And this recipe is just one example of this kind of terrific recipe that comes together easily and produces great taste for your family.

This recipe has a lot of ingredients. That is why its flavor is so good. Plenty of veggies come together with pasta in a surprise liquid that brings great flavor to the dish. Some of the veggies are really good for you, too, including the leeks (a member of the nutritious Allium family) and many of the dark greens that are added in, with this dish. That includes the asparagus, broccoli, kale, peas, and arguably, even the dill leaves. That is a lot of green stuff, and all of it really good for you to eat. Kale is a super vegetable that has special cholesterol lowering properties as well as good protective components against a number of different cancers. You cannot go wrong eating plenty of this vegetable. It also contains lots of fiber, vitamins A, C and K, among others, and plenty of other good things to support your health.

This is a great dish, made with plenty of delicious veggies, mushrooms, and leeks with the surprise twist of almond milk used for the liquid. It is good nutrition and a well balanced meal for you and your family, and a filling one. Made in one pot makes this a convenient dish, too, so you won’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen or cleaning up. Enjoy it soon.

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