One Pot Sweet & Savory Pork Loin Supper

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This is a very traditional and delicious dinner that comes together as a One Pot Sweet & Savory Pork Loin Supper. Do not confuse the one pot preparation to mean that this is some sort of slap dash dish. It is not. This dinner is made with pork loin, which is one of the nicest cuts of meat you can eat. And pork has become a wonderfully lean and well flavored meat over the years, quite different from the fatty meat that it once was. So you can eat pork and really enjoy it, just as you might enjoy chicken.

This dish starts with a marinate for the meat. The recipe recommends marinating the meat for about four hours. You can leave this meat in the marinate over night, if that is easier for you. Then the meat is layered in a Dutch oven and cooked. This method will ensure a rich, moist, and tender meat. You and your family will love this dinner. As well, vegetables are added in to the Dutch oven. The ones listed are green beans, and potatoes, classic accompaniments to a savory pork loin supper. Every one enjoys these vegetables (for the most part, any way) so if you are making this dinner for guests, you can be quite confident that they will gobble up this dish when you present it at the dinner table.

This is a quite easy dish to pull together that results in a beautiful roast with potatoes and beans at the end. The marinate is an important part of the method, so do not skip it. It will really flavor the meat, give it great texture, and help the meat cook up moist and tender. Enjoy this dish on any special occasion, or even every Sunday when the family gathers for a shared meal.

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