One Pot Taco Casserole

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There are always good things that are made out of one pot and that is no exception here with this recipe for a One Pot Taco Casserole. And, as you have guessed from the recipe title, it is a Mexican flavored dish. This casserole comes together very quickly and is cheap and economical to make. It also includes meat, cheese and macaroni for a pretty well balanced meal. Serve it with some side greens or a great salad and you have a terrific dinner in either the summer or winter months. This dish will also sit well, so if you have a day where family members are dashing in and out (like every day) this dish will sit well until they find a moment to grab a bite.

This casserole has you add the macaroni directly to the pot without pre-cooking it. Be sure to not overcook macaroni and other noodles. Cook them only until they are el dente. That is where the noodle, when you break it in two is clearly cooked all the way through, but just. You can easily tell when you break it open because the water saturated part of the noodle (what is cooked) looks darker and is more moist whereas the uncooked part still looks dry and may even break differently because it is harder. But do not overcook the pasta. When you do, eating the pasta can cause a carbohydrate spike similar to a sugar spike and you may suffer an energy crash later.

This is a delicious and filling meal, made easy by the addition of commercial seasoning. That also makes the dish quick to pull together. Putting it in one pot means not much mess and an easy clean up. So try this recipe today.

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