One Pot Turkey and Stuffing Casserole

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It does not get much quicker than this One Pot Turkey and Stuffing Casserole recipe. And the ingredients are to die for, and will have you and the kids looking for a second serving when you make this and put it on the dinner table tonight. This stuffing casserole recipe will provide lots of great nutrition and super taste, and even the kids will enjoy it. If you make turkey over the holidays, this turkey recipe could be one way that you use up the leftovers instead of freezing them. This casserole recipe will be one that gets entirely gobbled up, without one bite left when dinner is through.

You could also make a rich gravy and add some cranberry sauce to go with this turkey casserole recipe. It is really a festive treat, and includes bright red ingredients such as cranberries, wholesome walnuts, and tender orange sweet potato in the mixture. Turkey is also in the mix, of course! So you get a second turkey dinner, but made in a much easier way with already cooked turkey and an easy blend of veggies tossed in to a casserole dish and then baked through. Yum. So you do not need to get stuck making the same left over dishes that you might have made in previous years. This casserole recipe will breathe new life in to your after the holiday dishes and bring people to the table happy to eat yet more of this yummy bird.

Turkey is a truly wonderful meat, full of great protein that builds strong muscles and bodies, and a very lean meat to serve. The kids love it, too. In the past several years, turkey has begun to be advertised as a meat that you can eat any time of the year. Although this is true, the traditional big bird will likely remain the hallmark of special occasions such as the holidays and, for some, also Easter and Thanksgiving. However you prepare your meat, be sure to try this stuffing recipe at some point. It offers a great balance of veggies and meat, and uses some commercial stuffing to make the recipe come together quickly. Of course, you could make your stuffing from scratch rather than using a commercial variety, but with all the cooking and baking that this recipe involves, the commercial stuffing will probably taste great.

This One Pot Turkey and Stuffing Casserole recipe will come together quickly and easily for you, since the veggies are ones that you are likely familiar with preparing, and some of the ingredients are pre-packaged for quick and easy use. So enjoy this dish whenever you are in the mood for turkey. It is not just for the holidays.

Nutrition Facts for: One Pot Turkey and Stuffing Casserole From Cozy Country Living
Ingredients: Butter, onion, celery, apple, sweet potato, chicken stock, turkey, parsley, herb cubed stuffing walnuts, dried cranberries, salt, pepper.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 6 servings. * Per Serving: Calories 559, Calories from Fat 250, Total Fat 27.8g 43%, Saturated Fat 11.8g 59%, Cholesterol 98mg 33%, Sodium 1138mg 47%, Potassium 551mg 16%, Carbohydrates 47.0g 16%, Dietary Fiber 4.7g 19%, Sugars 9.7g, Protein 31.0g, Vitamin A 13%, Vitamin C 22%, Calcium 13%,Iron 63%

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