One Skillet Cheesy Chili Mac

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If you have kids who are college bound, then they will love to know how to make this one-skillet cheesy chili mac recipe before they head out. And if you teach them, and they make it, like the site that hosts the recipe says, they’re “gonna want seconds,” so make lots and lots! This is a perfect homey, yummy, chewy, cheesy, meaty, spicy, gooey, and there are just no more adjectives to describe just how good this dish is. And it is as easy to make as you can think. One thing you might consider doing for your kids if they are heading out to college is putting together a spice package for them. This cheesy chili recipe calls for cumin and chili, two spices that young people might not normally think to buy for themselves or cook with, but if you put them together and labeled them with a chili recipe such as this one, then they might start to learn how to make interesting and spicy dishes.

And this dish almost could not get any easier. It is, after all, a one skillet cheesy chili mac recipe for a complete dinner. That chili recipe title alone tells you that this is a good thing. After all, who wants to do the dishes for multiple pots and pans? The secret to one pot cooking is to know the order in which to add the various ingredients into the mix, and always being sure to allow enough liquid that can cook any veggies you might want to add in. In this one-skillet cheesy chili mac recipe, the order is simple to follow, beginning with the onion and spices and the browning of the meat (the usual starting point) and ending with the final addition of the macaroni to cook. It comes together in minutes, and once you have this one cheesy chili recipe down pat, you may begin to add or change ingredients as you prefer them. Some greens, such as broccoli, would be a great veggie choice to round out this cheesy dinner dish. Or not. Depending on just how much comfort you need in this dish for dinner tonight. There are times when you just do not want a single truly good thing (broccoli is a very good thing to eat) in your dinner, just wholesome, loving, comfort (that means cheese and meat and noodles; yum).

This one skillet cheesy chili mac recipe is a quick and easy one, and a terrific way to start to teach your kids to cook. The chili recipe is super simple, and it makes up in one pan, a thing your kids will really appreciate. So make this dish soon and enjoy it!

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