One Skillet Cheesy Italian Chicken!

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Who doesn't love a quick and easy meal idea that the whole family will just love?! Check out this One Skillet Cheesy Italian Chicken! It will be a weekly favourite on your home cooking menu and one that you don't mind making either. Sometimes it's so hard to find the time to cook inspiring meals if you are a busy person, with a busy family. There always seems to be a game, or and event you have to go to and that leaves no time to make and look for new dishes that will take you away from the usually weekly meal ideas.

This cheesy italian chicken is not only delicious, but super easy, because it only uses a skillet! No other dishes are required! That is always something people love to hear! Using less dishes means washing less dishes! This chicken is marinated in a creamy yogurt sauce and then smothered with cheese to create the most epic flavoured chicken and the most tender chicken ever! This would even be great with pasta or just a salad and some roasted vegetables. The recipe uses a pre shredded cheese mix that has all of the cheese you need right in one bag. All of the good Italian cheeses, like parmesan, asiago, romano, provolone, mozzarella, and fontina. This makes it so much easier than having to buy all 6 or those individually, and cheaper too!

You can marinate the chicken to make it extra tender, but if you don't have time, than it is just as good when you don't marinate it. The recipe also has tons of awesome veggies sautéed in with the chicken, so this is a balanced meal all in itself! Just have some bread on the side and it would be amazing! And don't forget a nice glass of red wine! Head over to 'Center Cut Cook' by following the link in the description below for more!

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