One Skillet Mexican Beef and Rice

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One pot dishes, like this one skillet Mexican beef and rice recipe, are complete life savers when you are busy and require an easy meal for the whole family. Since it’s a combination of ground beef, taco seasoning, and loads of cheese, you can feel confident that your whole family will love this meal, but the fact that this dish is prepared in one pan also means that there are fewer dishes for you to wash at the end of the night. Along with a side salad, this easy Mexican rice recipe is just what you need to get you through your busy week.

If you are looking for 30 minute recipes for dinner, this Mexican beef and rice recipe is an excellent choice. If you are one of those families that love having taco night, this beef and rice recipe is just as easy, and will be a new and easy meal to intrigue your family’s taste buds with. Quick and easy meals that are healthy are sometimes hard to come by, but this main dish rice recipe includes ingredients that you would feel good serving to your family. You may be opposed to the addition of canned ingredients, like tomatoes and corn, but they often have varieties better flavour than the fresh ones when they are out of season, and you can always choose to buy the lower sodium varieties. As with fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes contain lycopene, which has been linked to helping prevent lung, prostate, and stomach cancers. Tomatoes are also thought to benefit the heart by slowing down the progression of heart disease. While corn doesn’t have a lot of nutrition, using the canned, fire-roasted variety adds plenty of additional flavour to this one-pan Mexican rice recipe, because it’s smoky and is often flavoured with garlic and onion. If you don’t have canned on hand, however, or can’t find the fire-roasted variety, feel free to use the equivalent amount of frozen corn kernels.

The versatility of this Mexican rice recipe is one of the things that makes it so perfect for a weeknight meal. If you find that you don’t have canned corn in your pantry, or the fire-roasted variety, you can always season your Mexican rice skillet recipe with a chopped chipotle pepper to mimic the smokiness of the fire-roasted kernels and add some heat, and consider adding some garlic powder as well. Also, if you want to amp up the fibre in your Mexican rice dinner recipe, you can add some canned beans. Alternatively, if you have someone in you or someone in your family doesn’t eat meat, you can replace all of the ground beef in this recipe with beans for a recipe that everyone will be able to enjoy. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the garnishes, since the fresh avocado, black olives, and cilantro are what take this dish over the top. Along with a spicy salsa, this Mexican rice recipe will become your family’s favourite dinner. Thank you to Shawn, the author of ‘I Wash, You Dry’ recipe blog, for her easy one skillet Mexican beef and rice recipe.**

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