One-Pot Cabbage Casserole

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Cabbage rolls are such a delicious way to use green cabbage but are time-consuming to make and aren’t generally considered weeknight fare. If you would like the taste of cabbage rolls any day of the week, however, this one-pot cabbage casserole recipe will help you achieve that. This easy meal has all the usual components of cabbage rolls, such as the ground beef, cabbage and rice, but without the fuss of stuffing cabbage leaves with the meat filling and rolling them up. Instead, everything for this casserole recipe is combined and simmered in one pot on the stove. Jaren, the author of the Diary of a Recipe Collector recipe blog, came up with this easy meal because she and her husband are big fans of cabbage. This cabbage casserole recipe is an excellent choice if you are searching for easy cabbage recipes because it doesn’t use very many ingredients and most of them may be staples in your kitchen already. Once you make this dinner recipe once, it will likely become a favourite on your table as well.

As far as easy cabbage recipes go, this is the best dish for when you are tight on time because it doesn’t require much chopping or simmering, and everything you need for the meal is in one pot. Once the beef and onions are cooked, everything else gets stirred into the pan and simmered until tender. The combination of tomatoes, ground beef, cabbage and rice will be all you will need to have a satisfying dinner recipe on the table. The cabbage sweetens as it cooks, making it surprisingly delicious for how healthy it is. Cabbage has a low glycemic index compared with other foods which mean it won’t make your blood sugar spike after you eat it. In fact, it may even help to lower potential of a blood sugar spike from the white rice due to its fibre content. Other cabbage nutrients include vitamin K, C, copper and manganese, which are all necessary for maintaining health. You can obtain nearly twenty cabbage nutrients from just one cup of cabbage. Imagine how healthy this cabbage casserole recipe can be considering it uses approximately three cups of cabbage. Easy cabbage recipes are great to include as part of a healthy diet due to the amount of cabbage nutrients. If you are attempting to cut back on your red meat consumption, however, leaner ground meats, like chicken or turkey would also be excellent choices.

Once you have mastered this easy meal, you may decide to vary it to your tastes. This casserole recipe is incredibly simple in its ingredient list, but you may choose to include some fresh herbs if you have some growing on a windowsill or garden. Fresh thyme or chopped parsley would amp up the taste in this dinner recipe as well as add more nutrition. Feel free to include fresh garden tomatoes in this dish as well rather than using canned chopped tomatoes. Canned tomatoes are wonderful during the cooler months, but when tomatoes are in season and sun-ripened in your yard, nothing will be able to beat their deep flavour. Jaren leaves the choice of cheese up to you for this easy meal. She sprinkles some on top for a melted finish, but you could leave it off the dish altogether if you choose. She uses Colby jack, which is a semi-hard, mile flavoured cheese. If you enjoy something stronger, go with sharp cheddar, or if you prefer an even milder melting cheese, mozzarella could work as well. Thank you to Jaren, the author of the Diary of a Recipe Collector recipe blog, for sharing her one-pot cabbage casserole recipe with us.

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