Orange Dole Whip Copy Cat recipe

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Disney World is a magical vacation that many of us remember from childhood. Now you can recapture some of those memories with this orange dole whip copy cat recipe. Nothing can match going to Disney World, but this thick, foamy, and scrumptious drink will return you to the magic and wonder of that fabulous place. Of course, drinking this dole whip might bring on the need for a return trip to Disney, so we cannot take responsibility for consequences of drinking this foamy stuff.

The traditional drink is so tangy and great on a hot day, and wonderfully soothing to the throat after screaming your way through Space Mountain. What a terrifyingly deliciously screamingly lovely ride that is! But you will need something to soothe your throat when you are done, and this drink really fits the bill.

It is made a bit easier because you can make this with ready whip. The original is likely made with proprietary Disney ingredients, but your grocery option is frozen whip that works and tastes just like the original, so go ahead and try it.

Any orange juice will do. If you prefer the pineapple version, just get that drink frozen. There are plenty of varieties and you can choose your favorite in the frozen aisle section of your grocery store.

You will need a good blender and a lot of ice to make this recipe. And, if you are not using it to soothe sore throats after a terrifying Disney ride, make these on a hot summer’s day when you plan to soak it up by the lake, beach or pool. Just holding the glass will lower your body temperature and touching your forehead with the outside of the cup will make you feel cooler in an instant. Then drinking down the foamy and fresh flavor with its tangy juice will be the perfect way to refresh and relax.

This drink is inexpensive, quick and easy to make. Try it today!

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