Orange Pineapple Cake

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Fruitcakes are great since you have the opportunity to include fruit and if you have kids that are not fond of fruit then putting it in a cake is a great way to get them to eat it. Pineapple desserts are an excellent way to introduce the sweet fruit to anyone of your diners who have never tried it. Any recipe for pineapple dessert will give you the chance to pair pineapples with other fruits that go well together. If you want to get the sweet and tangy mix then this pineapple and orange dessert cake recipe from the kitchen of Emily is a great way to do that. Pineapple desserts can be the pineapple on its own or you can chop the pineapple into chunks and add it to your favorite fruit salad recipe. This Pineapple orange cake recipe from Emily is a great dessert idea and it goes great with a dollop of whipped cream on top. The recipe for any pineapple dessert can work with canned or with fresh pineapples. Getting your own pineapple from the grocery store is a great thing since you can show your little ones how to peel the pineapple to get the core and the rind off. If you love pineapple then this pineapple orange cake recipe from Emily is sure to give you your pineapple fix and might make your diners fans of the tropical fruit.

Pineapples are grown in predominantly tropical climates. Hawaii is one of the largest pineapple producers in the world. The first known pineapple is said to have come from Brazil and Paraguay. It is an indigenous fruit of South America. As people moved around they brought the pineapple with them and it made its way throughout the Caribbean islands. While the intrepid explorer Christopher Columbus was in the tiny island of Guadeloupe he discovered it and brought it back to Spain with him. Once in Spain the seafaring country introduced in to the many countries it had conquered thus the Philippines and many countries around there also were introduced to it and now have large orchards designed specifically to grow it. Eventually Portuguese settlers in Brazil brought the pineapple to India and we now have this fruit growing in most tropical countries around the world.

Emily’s recipe combines pineapples with oranges and this sweet and slightly tangy mix works well in deserts and this offering from Emily is a great way to get them both together. When you are considering making a cake with fruit ingredients always try to experiment with the fruits you and your fellow diners love most. Never be afraid to pair any fruits together because the old adage, you never know until you try, is a great way to make your dessert recipes more interesting. So if you have a can or a fresh pineapple in the pantry and would rather add it to a recipe then eat it on its own then try this recipe from Emily. Thanks to Emily of Family Favorite Recipes Blog for this yummy Orange Pineapple Cake Recipe and bon apetit.**

Nutrition: How to Make Orange Pineapple Cake from Family Favorite Recipes
Ingredients: Lemon or yellow cake mix, eggs, oil, canned mandarin oranges, instant vanilla pudding mix, canned crushed pineapple, whipped cream or Cool Whip.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 16 servings *Per Serving: Calories 352, Calories from Fat 171,Total Fat 19.0g 29%, Saturated Fat 8.0g 40%, Cholesterol 42mg 14%, Sodium 338mg 14%, Potassium 95mg 3%, Carbohydrates 43.5g 15%, Dietary Fiber 0.8g 3%, Sugars 31.1g, Protein 3.4g, Vitamin A 5%, Vitamin C 29%, Calcium 6%, Iron 4%

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