Orange Spiced Madeleines

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Madeleines are a small, spongy cake that originated in northeastern France, and this orange spiced Madeleines recipe takes these French pastries to new heights with the citrus flavour of orange and spicy cinnamon. You might think that this lovely cake recipe gets its orange taste entirely from fresh oranges, but that is not the case. Instead, the recipe developer at ‘The Seaside Baker’ recipe blog, infuses orange spice tea into her Madeleine recipe turning these little cakes into incredibly fun desserts. Otherwise, there is still a generous amount of orange zest to get that fragrant orange flavour.

You may not be familiar with Madeleines, but this tea cake recipe has a fascinating history, originating during the eighteenth century. These cakes were named after Madeleine Paulmier, who was a cook for the father-in-law of King Louis the Fifteenth. Supposedly, King Louis himself coined the term ‘Madeleine’ as the name for this pastry recipe in 1755. Contradictory history in the culinary bible, The Larousse Gastronomique, however, states that the Madeleine was the invention of a pastry chef named Jean Avice during the nineteenth century. All that is known for certain is that Madeleine recipes are popular within and outside of France.

Simple dessert recipes, like this tea-infused Madeleine recipe, are excellent replacements to coffee cakes or cookies for when you have guests stopping by and are a wonderful pairing to coffee or tea. They do, however, require the use of a Madeleine pan to obtain their signature seashell shape. The seashell shape is what makes Madeleine recipes so enticing to look at and these days Madeleine pans are relatively easy to find in North America. Look for them at any kitchen supply store or you can even order them online. If you can’t find a Madeleine pan, however, don’t worry, since you can bake them in a Financier pan, a muffin tin, or a whoopie pie tin instead. Just keep an eye on the cakes while they bake since the batter proportions may be different from baking in a proper Madeleine pan.

The unique flavours of this comforting cake recipe are just as important as the cakes’ attractive appearance and spongy texture. The tea adds an earthy note while the citrus peel is a fragrant addition to the mix. Cinnamon is an exceptional complimentary ingredient adding some spiciness to this seashell cake recipe. If you are wondering about cinnamon blood pressure, studies about cinnamon’s effects on diabetics have revealed that cinnamon might help to lower blood pressure. It is suspected that cinnamon can help lower insulin levels, which is why blood pressure remained more even for the test subjects. Whatever the case may be, this is certainly a good excuse to try making this orange Madeleine recipe. The orange nutrition in this recipe is also another beneficial reason to eat this orange cake recipe. Even though you may not think it, orange zest contains very high vitamin C and dietary fibers, and high vitamin A, just like its fleshy counterpart. Thank you to the recipe developer at ‘The Seaside Baker’ recipe blog, for sharing her orange spiced madeleines recipe. **

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