Oreo Brownie Parfaits

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Enjoy this Oreo Brownie Parfaits recipe where the title of the recipe tells you what yummy flavors and textures you can expect from it. This Oreo brownie parfaits recipe is a terrific blend of made from scratch pudding, brownies and Oreos, all layered between smooth and creamy real whipped cream. This recipe will be absolutely fabulous because it makes every single ingredient (except the Oreos) from scratch. That means rich and fantastic flavors will abound in this treat, and that only very small portions are needed to entirely satisfy the palettes of all who get to enjoy this dessert at your table tonight. This brownie recipe puts the various parts of the parfait recipe in to mason jars. The Oreo Brownie Parfaits recipe creator, Dough-Eyed, suggests that you use six ounce mason style jars to make up each individual dessert. This size is very large, so you might consider four ounce mason jars as well for those people (such as the little ones in the house) who might only want a small amount of this rich and filling dessert.

This dessert is made in four separate parts, not including the final construction. The final construction should be done with the kids, especially the little ones, who will have great fun with the various layers. The first step, though, is to make the pudding, which is a chocolate flavored one. It is relatively simple to make pudding from scratch and the instructions are straightforward and easy to follow on the site. Do not use any substitutes for any of the ingredients. Although they seem rich, such as in the whole cream, they will contribute fabulous flavor and allow you to serve much smaller amounts of dessert while providing tremendous satisfaction in terms of flavor. The next step is to make the brownies, which are a great recipe that uses two types of chocolate to get rich chocolate flavor throughout the dish. The third layer is made up of just the whipped cream, which is made from scratch using real cream. That will create a fabulous and rich contrast to the brownies and the chocolate pudding.

The final topping is the Oreo cookies. The little ones can crush and break up the cookies for you and probably help to distribute them among the parfaits when you put them together. Of course, they will probably eat as many as they place, but that is okay. Just be sure you have plenty of the cookies on hand! The final step is just to layer all the four parts, the chocolate pudding, the brownies, the whipped cream and the Oreo cookie layer. With the kids helping this will not take long. Chill parfaits and serve.

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