Oreo Cheesecake Chocolate Cake

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This Oreo Cheesecake Chocolate cake combine three favorites in one beautifully presented dessert. This cake is a composition of a no-bake Oreo cheesecake filling made with real whipped cream, sandwiched between a moist 'from scratch' chocolate cake, drizzled with a chocolate ganache topping, scattered with chocolate chips and then garnished with piped whipped whipped cream. Sounds pretty exciting doesn't it!

This is not as difficult as it looks. Because the filling is a no-bake one, it simply means you will make layers using your freshly baked chocolate cake. If you had a birthday coming up, don't you think this cake would be the birthday cake of all times? Especially for someone that loves Oreo's. Speaking of Oreo's let's get the history on this popular cookie that children of all ages love to pop apart and lick the inner icing!

Firstly did you know that the Oreo reached its 100th birthday In March of 2012. That is longevity! This is one of the best-selling cookies on the market. The origination of the name Oreo cannot be confirmed. Some say it came from the French word for gold, or because it was originally packed in a gold color package. Others say it came from the Greek word for mountain because the test cookie had a hill-like shape.

The cookie had a ratio of 71% cookie to 29% cream in the original Oreo. Here is some fun trivia. If you were to line Oreo cookies up that have been manufactured since their beginnings, they circle the Earth lined up on the equator 381 times!!! That is a lot of cookies and a lot of cookie love. 450 Billion cookies have been sold since 1912 in more than 100 counties. What an amazing story. No wonder these cookies are used in so many baking recipes.

Let's visit the 'Oh My God Chocolate Desserts' site for the full list of ingredients and instructions and go Bake A Cake!

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