Oreo Cheesecake Fudge

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This Oreo Cheesecake Fudge recipe is a chocolate cheesecake fantasy come true and one of the best dessert recipes ever. Everything about this cheesecake fudge recipe is worth raving about because it is incredibly airy, rich and has that extra soft and light texture to it with Oreo chips embedded inside the fudge. This amazing cheesecake fudge recipe makes for an attractive presentation during parties especially because of the way Oreo cookies are crumbled inside the fudgy pudding. Don't be surprised if your guests reach for this dessert first thing when they see the spread. Quick no bake desserts are the way to go when you have a special event planned at the last minute. You'll be surprised how easy and simple this recipe is using just five ingredients and will become your favorite dessert for days to come. This cheesecake fudge recipe is a perfect dessert to make for parties or any occasion because it is share-worthy and praise-worthy from the crowd. The hostess or host in you will be thanking us later. It's always a good idea to have simple desserts handy not because it makes your job of making a dessert easy. Even though this recipe is easy to make, it tastes out of the world.

There are so many cake recipes on how to bake a cheesecake, but this recipe is not only fool-proof but also comes together with minimal and simple ingredients. This dessert recipe tastes best when refrigerated overnight because it is eaten chilled. Cheesecake also typically gains flavor as it ages, so any leftovers are great even after a couple of days if stored in the refrigerator. Keep in mind that this recipe uses condensed milk and not evaporated milk which is unsweetened.

There are so many ways to make this dessert interesting. Just follow what your palate loves the most. You can use different types of cheesecake pudding flavors like strawberry or French vanilla pudding mix. You can use all kinds of berries, kiwis, peaches or chopped nuts like pecans and almonds are great and healthy to incorporate in this dessert as a garnish for that crunchy twist. You could also garnish on top with crumbled Toblerone bar or Hershey's chocolate shavings or any of your favorite chocolate. You could go overboard with heart sprinkles or add a layer of cream cheese and chocolate whipped together to give it a tangy twist. These are some dessert ideas which you can put to use for any occasion. Whatever you decide to do, this cheesecake fudge recipe will add that sweet charm the occasion.

Thank you to Ashley Wagner at the ‘CenterCutCook' recipe blog for sharing this Oreo Cheesecake Fudge recipe with us. Do check out Ashley's blog for other quick no bake desserts which are some of the best dessert recipes ever. This decadent cheesecake recipe is delicious, festive and perfect for any occasion. It is a sumptuous treat your family and friends are going to enjoy. Make this delectable cheesecake goodness today!

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