Oreo Heath Bar Cake

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This is a quick and easy cake that comes together quickly but looks as though you have been baking all day long. The secret lies with a ready-made cake mix for this Oreo Heath Bar Cake. Look for organic mixes that are really delicious and contain all natural ingredients.

Box cakes have come a long way over the years and can taste almost as good as your own homemade cake made from scratch. Cake mixes are also very convenient and quick to put together yet they still use healthy ingredients like eggs, vegetable oil and vanilla. So dont be afraid to use a mix when time or energy keeps you from making your own.

The Oreos are added right in to the batter and make a surprise burst of extra chocolate flavor and crunch when you bite in to it. When the Oreo is also combined with the Heath bar, chocolate cake, and vanilla buttercream frosting, now youre getting why this cake is so popular with everyone who tries it. Why dont you try it tonight?

This cake also combines Heath bar pieces and whole bars to make a truly yummy dessert. You can often buy these items in bulk to make the cake a cost effective masterpiece too. You might want to pick up extra Oreos and Heath bars because theyre so delicious on their own some of your family members are bound to sneak a cookie or Heath piece before you get your cake baked. It doesnt take long to make once you get the cake baked and it looks delicious decorated with Heath bars and vanilla frosting.

Okay, so it is chocolate cake, Oreos, chocolatewell, Heath bars, and vanilla buttercream frosting. But once in a while it is all right to indulge and your family will love you for this deluxe treat. Make this cake for a special night at home or take it to your friends house for dinner. They will definitely invite you back again and soon!

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