Organic Pest Control Garden Spray Recipe

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If you grow your own food, have a garden, or know someone who does, then this Organic Pest Control Garden Spray Recipe might be of great interest to you. Garden pests are a fact of life, especially during the growing months. These plant-eating bugs are hungry little munchers that can do a lot of damage in a short space of time, turning your lush green leaves into yellow holey ones. So, what can you do about garden parasites if you don’t want to use commercial pesticides to eradicate them? You can use an all-natural bug cleaning spray like this one, and keep your family safe from toxic chemicals.

These days, as we become more and more environmentally conscious, we’re realizing that the chemicals we use can come back to haunt us. Chemical-laden industrial cleaning products, herbicides, and pesticides do not disappear into thin air after we use them; they go into the earth, into our food, into our water systems, and if they’re airborne, we can potentially breathe them in. This can wreak havoc with our health, our children’s health, and that of our pets as well. We’re learning the best practice is to use natural cleaning products to deal with dirt and grime in a way that is sustainable for the earth. We’re also remembering how our grandparents used to make and use natural pesticides that were non-toxic, biodegradable, and organic. Better yet, we are improving on these old methods, making them more efficient and effective than ever. This potent recipe for organic pest control garden spray is one such example. When we use natural means to clean our homes and keep our gardens pest-free, we can feel good on so many levels. We can eat our food and drink our water in trust that it’s fresh and clean; we can safeguard our family’s health, and our conscience remains free because we know we’re not harming the environment around us.

The other positive trend that is currently unfolding in the world is that of the DIY movement. DIY, or “do-it-yourself”, is all about making your own products, fixing your own belongings, building your own home, and so on – all by yourself, or with a little help from your family, friends, and local community. DIY is about learning how to become more self-reliant rather than depending on professionals and big business to do it for you for their price. This DIY natural pesticide recipe is a perfect example of what doing-it-yourself can do for you. When you make your own DIY cleaning products and DIY bug sprays, you know exactly what goes into them. There’s a healthy sense of pride and confidence that grows inside when you become more self-sufficient.

Another great perk of DIY is that you can actually save money by mixing, fixing, and building your own stuff, as well.This natural DIY pest control garden spray comes from Jill over at the “Prairie Homestead” website, where you can discover plenty more DIY projects, homesteading tips, organic gardening tricks, and natural cleaning recipes.*

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