Organizing and Keeping your Cookie and Muffin Pans neat

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A well-functioning kitchen makes a world of difference when you're trying to cook meals or bake treats. It also makes cleaning your kitchen much easier as well. If you have a lot of clutter in your kitchen, then chances are you may want to get on organizing a few things to make your life easier. When it comes to do it yourself home projects organizing and decluttering are a couple of the easiest ways to feel better in your space. The best thing is, these diy ideas don't require a lot of time or money to do, and you can usually accomplish them within the course of a day or two. A kitchen is a major place for clutter especially if you own a lot of equipment, dishes and bakeware. Bakeware might be one of the hardest things to organize in your kitchen too because there are many awkward shapes and sizes of bakeware you have to store in some pretty tight spaces. So if you have lots of cookie sheets, baking pans or muffin tins you need to follow these diy ideas to get your kitchen back to being organized once again. This project will only cost you around $10 to do, and it's very easy. This diy idea is just one of the many do it yourself home projects you will come across on Hometalk which is the worlds largest diy network. You can also find cleaning tips and home decor diy ideas too.

Whenever you're organizing anything, it's best to start out by laying all of the items you're organizing or sorting out on your clean floor. You'll also need to get a large and deep container to put all of your items into. This could be a big basket or a Tupperware container. You can find these at pretty much any home improvement store or even at a dollar store or department store. The other item you'll need to get is a plate organizer which you can also find at the same stores as the container. Maybe you already have these items around too which would be great. Take the plate rack and put it inside the container at the very bottom of the container. Then, take your baking sheets and pans and start to organize them from largest to smallest placing the larger pans at the back of the container and the smaller ones at the front.

Organizing them this way makes it so much easier for you to find the baking pan you're looking for and to get it out of the pile without having to bang and crash all of the pans. If you feel like you have too many baking pans, you can also get rid of some too. Recycle any pans that are beginning to rust and donate any that you don't use anymore. That way your selection will be a lot more refined and tidy. You can store your organized baking pan container in your pantry where it fits or, you can also possibly fit it in a large cabinet. If you don't have enough space to store something this large you can also organize your baking pans using large magazine or file organizers. You can also find these at your dollar store or home improvement store. They also work great for other orgainizing diy ideas like organizing cleaning products or cling wrap, aluminium foil, bags and more. If you want to recycle items instead of buying new items, you can also use large boxes and wrap them in decorative contact paper as well to create a nicer look. Check out this and other diy ideas from Hometalk.***

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