Organizing Kitchen Lessons you can learn from seeing the inside of this 160 square foot Tiny House

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This tiny house building is the most livable tiny house you'll ever see. This tiny house building is only 160 square feet, and although it's small in size, you can see how space efficient it really is. The tiny house building is very thoughtfully laid out and organized, especially the kitchen space. You'll want to take a look at the Kitchn site to see all the DIY ideas and projects to do that make this space work. The following are just some of the diy ideas and storage tips you will find in this tiny house building.

1. Rectangular storage is best. The couple who own the tiny house building customized all of their shelving. Most of the shelving allows for as much light as possible to flood the tiny house space, but also to maximize the storage. The common theme throughout the tiny house building is rectangles. It's helpful to remember that rectangular shapes are a diy idea that helps to waste less space. If you think about using round bowls and baskets, they can easily add up to a lot of unused space very quickly. So instead they used cheese boxes which create makeshift drawers in the cubbies.

2. The sides of kitchen cabinets and appliances are meant to be used. The owners of this tiny house building used the side of the fridge and a kitchen cabinet for decorative and utilitarian storage. By hanging a dried wreath next to a cute broom, the cleaning tool in this space doesn't look too out of place. And a diy idea with a few hooks makes a great home for things such as bags and coats. You don't want to overlook these surfaces when you need a place to hang utensils, tea towels, pots, or anything else. With these DIY ideas and tips in mind, you can make your tiny space work efficiently for you, and have a place for everything, so you don't feel cluttered.

3. Some things in your tiny house building should be stored below the kitchen counter. You might already be aware of this when you think about a microwave, but it really does make sense to put some things in the kitchen at lower levels. It's safer to reach for hot foods from below and lower spaces versus over your head. And the toaster oven isn't so appealing that it needs to be displayed on a kitchen countertop. Instead, try putting the toaster oven on a shelf below the kitchen counter to help free up space and create a better workflow. On the flipside for things, you don't use all that often, should be stored higher up. Keep a step stool on hand in the kitchen so you can reach it all safely when need be.

4. Even the smallest shelves in a tiny house building are useful. The shelf might not be more than a few inches long, but it still gets two bottles out of a kitchen cabinet and off the counter. And every little bit helps when you live in a tiny house space. You can set up your things on the shelves, and they will look like part of the decor and not clutter. So if you have space enough for a shelf, even a small one, make use of it, it's a great diy idea and project to do. A tiny shelf could be more useful than you'd ever imagine. You will find these DIY ideas and projects to do at The Kitchn site. On the site, you will find DIY ideas, tiny house buildings, projects to do, recipes, cleaning tips, wellness and so much more. **

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