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The kitchen isn't just the room in the home design where all the food comes from. The kitchen is also the heart of your home design, a place where you cook, where your friends inevitably congregate every time you entertain and where your family comes together. That is why you will want to take a look at the Apartment Therapy site to take a look at some of the best, most beautiful, and inspiring kitchens around. You can take a look at these home designs and find inspiration for your do it yourself home projects and when you design your own home. The following are just some of the kitchen home designs you will find on the site.

A Modern, Vintage Houston Tree House. The owners of this home design knew that they wanted the kitchen to be the heart of their house, so their architect gave it some prime real estate, and put it on the second floor, in the canopy of the trees, right in the middle of the house. Biggest Indulgence in the home design. Thier big dining room table. They bought the slab from Texas Tuscan furniture. The dining room table is a natural edge, single slab that comes from a naturally-downed sugar wood tree. The dining table is a big table because they love to have people over for dinner. They call it the tree house since the upstairs windows all looks out into tree canopies. The kitchen is the true heart of the home design, and all the daily family activities revolve around it. Inspiration in this home design. Sentimental things, a feeling of warmth and practicality, modern and open space, flea markets.

Modern Organic Burbank Mix. The style of this kitchen home design is modern organic. Inspiration in this home design is the natural world/rainforests of South America. In the kitchen, you will find fresh flowers from the LA Flower Mart, and a do it yourself home projects for a reclaimed wood backsplash.

Kerry's Fun French Quarter Apartment. Proudest do it yourself home project idea. The kitchen, deciding to keep the kitchen cupboards open. They made the kitchen bright and useable. Since the kitchen is essentially a hallway to the bedroom, there is no hiding it. So you will find things like a Le Creuset dish set when the kitchen was finished. When you are faced with a bland, beige rental kitchen in an apartment that you otherwise love, you might wonder what to do; this kitchen shows you some of the projects to do by infusing the rental kitchen with some color.

Madeleine and Karl's Colorful and Creative Melbourne Home. The favorite do it yourself home project element. The view of their giant liquidambar tree from the back room plus the added roof windows that are in the attic, bathroom, hall, and the kitchen. They now have an abundance of natural light. Proudest do it yourself home project, installing the main bedroom fireplace mantle and the concreting of the hearth. There is also a little kitchen garden patch in the front yard. The kitchen has an industrial kitchen island bench. The favorite element in this kitchen is the wide plank pine floors that are more than 150 years old. Other elements in this kitchen are the custom cabinets painted Benjamin Moore Mopboard Black, custom butcherblock counters, ceiling and beams painted with simply white high gloss, and cabinet pulls from Anthropologie.

You will find these kitchen home design inspirations at the Apartment Therapy site. On the site, you will find home design, do it yourself home projects, projects to do, cleaning tips, wellness, DIY ideas and more. **

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