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How is it that simple materials like wire can create things that take our breath away and then take our imagination on a wonderful fanciful ride? This wire sculpture fantasywire fairy will have you spending hours trying to make one, or saving your pennies to purchase one for your garden or property.

The fairies are made from stainless steel wire, and so they already have a dull sheen and the grey metal color makes them look like other-earthly creatures. These are truly spectacular creations that, if you can afford one, will make a contribution to your garden that will have your friends in awe. The website contains a gallery that is well worth exploring in order to see more of these unique creatures.The folklore of fairies appears to have originated in Europe. The term loosely means a spirit, sometimes one that teaches. The word also seems to refer to a broad range of creatures; however, all fairies seem to have one thing in common. They love to get in to mischief and sometimes bring serious trouble to humans. Humans who become involved with fairies appear to spend a lot of time trying to avoid or get out of the trouble that fairies bring.

These particular fairies are quite large and imposing, although the wire that shapes them makes their forms light and delicate, just what you might expect if a fairy came to visit your home some afternoon. They are also whimsical and fill your head with fairy thoughts when you look at them. The creator became inspired to design and build these delightful creatures when he took a photo of his garden and, upon developing it, saw a blurry apparition in the tree overlooking the garden in the photo. He recalled the early 20th century news story where children claimed they had a photo of fairies in their garden. Although the new story was later disclosed as fake, the creator of these fairies used his experience and the folklore as inspiration for his own work.

Check out this site. It is an astonishing experience. The sculptor takes you through the steps to make his creations, and you can order small versions of a few of his designs. Find out how to make this sculpture and many others at the website, Fantasywire, by following the link below.

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