Outrageous Brownies

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Try Ina's Outrageous Brownies recipe, and see how fabulous this blend of chocolate, butter and sugar can really taste. You and your family will just love Ina's Outrageous Brownies recipe, and the kids will ask for this treat time and again. Ina's Outrageous Brownies recipe is a very large one that asks for, among other ingredients, six eggs and 16 ounces of butter as well as 16 ounces of chocolate. You can simply cut the brownies recipe by half. It divides in to two quite easily, and that way, you can work with smaller amounts of ingredients. That can sometimes make the whole baking process much easier and simpler, as well as quicker for you and any helping hands in the kitchen. Be sure to use a smaller pan, too, if you decide to make a lesser amount of Ina's Outrageous Brownies recipe.

It might help to practice mise en place with this recipe because there are rather a lot of ingredients to manage, and especially so, if you plan to cut the recipe by half. Mise en place is a French practice where the baker organizes all of the ingredients in the order that she or he plans to use them in the recipe before even beginning to make the product. This way, the baker knows whether he or she has all of the ingredients and does not discover something that is missing part way through the preparation of the product. As well, since all of the ingredients are placed in the order that they will be used in the recipe, you do not forget to add something in to the recipe. It might be surprising to know how many times a baker can leave out some critical ingredient. It can happen just because the ingredients were not in order, or you get distracted by some incident such as the milk spilling or an egg rolling off the table and cracking open on the floor or any other number of unexpected things that can happen during the bake. So the practice of mise en place can simply save you from making a mistake by missing the addition of some particular ingredient as part of the recipe.

This recipe is a terrific one, using loads of chocolate and butter to create a rich and deep chocolate brownie. The walnuts are a great addition, too, as they provide a nice crunch and slightly bitter contrast in the flavor of the rich and sweet brownies. Adding nuts to any dessert is always lovely as they both complement and contrast with the sweetness of the cookies, cakes, brownies, or other dessert that they might be added in to. Enjoy this great dessert soon.

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