Outrageous Lemon Lovers Trifle

Photo Credit: Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen

Fun desserts are great for us to try and this quick trifle recipe from the kitchen of Melissa is sure to please.Lemons are the calling card for this offering that is a great addition to your fancy but easy desserts file that will bring lemons to the forefront and will have your lips puckering with lemony goodness. Anytime you can add the citrus fruit to a recipe you are adding their versatility to another vessel for them to shine in. Lemons are a great addition to a hot cup of tea and their skin is a great way to zest up your dessert as well as your savory dish. Fun desserts should be what are advertised and that is fun. This recipe allows for a pre made cake to be included. This fact alone takes a lot of time off the bottom line cooking and prepping time and this is what can make any dessert a fun one.

Fancy but easy desserts don’t have to be easy ones since anything fancy is worthy of extra time to cook. This recipe from Melissa is truly easy so it can be a great quick trifle recipe that you will want to make over and over again and serve it to your family and your friends as well. If you are not a fan of the tanginess of the lemon then use oranges since you still get the citrus punch but won’t be puckering your lips as much. Keep the recipe as simple as possible by adhering to it or add your own ideas and make it yours and once you’ve made it then feel free to pass it along since the more people that enjoy it the better that makes you feel.

Lemons have been part of many great recipes and cooking processes and their arrival to your kitchen was a long and arduous journey. Lemons have a deep and impressive history even though the proper and agreed upon time frame of their first cultivation and usage is not clearly known we are gracious to include them in our cooking. There are many stories that explain where the first place to grow them was but it is now pretty much agreed upon that the first cultivation of them was most probably in the North Eastern part of India. They can also be from Burma or even China since the areas are close together and people moved in between these regions quite frequently. Many fruits and vegetables have cloudy pasts especially when it comes to their original place of origin due to the moving of people from one region to the next and as per usual when people move around they always bring something with them.Whether they came form here or there the fact that recipes like this one from Melissa includes them in is a great thing for us since we are able to enjoy their goodness. Thanks to Melissa of Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen Blog for this yummy Outrageous Lemon Lovers Trifle Recipe and bon apetit.**

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