Oven Fried Chicken

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Oven Fried Chicken has become a popular way to make fried chicken because it uses so much less fat than the original method. As well, of course, there is much less concern about oil fires or even just oil splatters, which can really burn when they hit your face, neck, arms or any other exposed areas. So this method can produce a really fabulous and good imitation of deep fried, with out either the fat or the hassle. Try it out and see what your family thinks.

The best thing about the recipe on this web site, Chin Deep, is that it includes a fantastic salad that will serve up perfectly with the chicken. It is a salad that is made with just tomatoes that are seasoned with garlic, cheese, olive oil and vinegar. Each of these ingredients is crucial to the best flavor results, so be sure to buy the best you can. With olive oil, which contains about a dozen different anti-oxidants, and is perhaps the best oil you could eat (grape seed is also a very good oil) be sure to get the extra virgin variety. Research shows that only the EVOO produces the anti-oxidants that you want from this oil. Garlic is another home run ingredient that is included, and again, the research is in. Use garlic in its whole form, and when you chop, crush, mince or otherwise cut in to it, allow the oxygen to begin to work on the alliinase that is contained in it in order to maximize its healthful impact on you.

This recipe combines over fried chicken with a great tomato, cheese and seasonings salad. Be sure to use the freshest tomatoes you can find, and the best oils and vinegars. They make a big impact and a big difference to this dish. Enjoy it soon.

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