Oven Fried Chicken Strips

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What do you get in a recipe when you combine strips of white meat chicken with Panko and butter? Well, if you add just a few more ingredients to this mix you will have Oven Fried Chicken Strips!

What mom does not feed her child chicken strips or nuggets or something along this line? If the kids are begging you to take them through the drive-thru, you can even more easily make them your own chicken strips, and you will know exactly what the ingredients are that go into them.

The fact that this is a baked recipe make it very low hassle as there is no need for a pan with hot oil and splatters to clean up. You prep the strips and place them onto a baking sheet. One tip we would like to share, if you do not like the chore of washing up the baking pan when you cook, simply line it with either aluminum foil or parchment paper that you lightly grease with a little olive oil. Once you have the strips in the oven baking, you do not need to watch them so you can be preparing the rest of the meal. Seeings you have the oven on anyways, you could do some thin sliced potato fries, or if you kids are crazy about macaroni and cheese this would be a good food to serve with the chicken strips.

Often overwhelmed tired moms think that going through a drive-thru is easier than cooking at home, If you get yourself in the habit of having the ingredients you need on hand, in truth by the time you drive downtown to a drive-thru, listen to the kids begging for something off the menu and pay the bill, that too can be time consuming and pretty tiring too. Depending what you get at the drive-thru, if the foods have additives and artificial color you may end up with kids that are not in the best of moods either as these foods effect how we feel.

So, if you want to arm yourself with a very simple recipe for a food that kids of all ages will devour, please just visit the Buns In My Oven website just below for the ingredients and instruction.

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