Oven Roasted Potato Bites

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This Oven Roasted Potato Bites recipe is a healthy new spin on traditional French fries. It could really spruce up tonight’s dinner, tomorrow’s breakfast, or it could even stand alone as a perfect snack for movie night. These potato bites are a lot more nutritious than potato chips, but still have that crisp comfort food flavour and texture. You can either use the recommended ingredients for this potato wedges recipe, or you can mix and match your own preferred oil and spices. Coconut oil can work well for the tossing mixture, especially since you’re roasting your potatoes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Because it’s almost a hundred percent saturated fat, coconut oil is one of the best oils to use when cooking food at high temperatures, simply because it can tolerate the heat better, retaining its original molecular structure. Other oils, like vegetable, canola, and even olive oil, start to break down after a certain point, producing black smoke and potentially-carcinogenic chemicals called aldehydes. If you want to make a lower-fat version of these delicious potato bites, you can even use parchment paper on the bottom of your cooking pan instead of spraying it with oil – that way, your potatoes will absorb less fat, making for an even healthier snack, meal, or side dish. If you’re vegan, you can easily substitute nutritional yeast for the parmesan cheese recommendation. Although white potatoes seem to have taken a back seat to sweet potatoes these days, in regards to potato nutrition, they still have a substantial nutritional content. Regular white potatoes contain calcium and iron, are very high in vitamin C, and high in dietary fiber. So if you’re looking to increase your daily fiber intake, potatoes can really help. For the healthiest possible version of this roasted potato recipe, be sure to use organic potatoes.

Whenever you’re in the kitchen, you’ll want to practice good food safety rules, to keep you and your family free from potential food-borne illness. Even if you’re just cooking with potatoes, or any other vegetable, you’ll want to keep your kitchen hygiene at its best. These healthy habits include your basic common sense – for example, washing your hands before and after handling any type of food. Peel and wash your potatoes well before chopping them. You’ll also want to clean your cutting board after every use, using an all-natural solution of half-water, half-lemon juice, and a teaspoon of salt to eliminate harmful bacteria. For best results, you can scrub your board down, leaving the cleaning mixture on it for ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing it clean with cool water. You can put your board in the sun to dry faster as well.

Nutrition Facts for: Oven Roasted Potato Bites from The Southern Lady Cooks

Ingredients: Potatoes, olive oil, garlic powder, salt, pepper.

* The entire recipe has been calculated for 6 servings.

* Per Serving:Calories 277, Calories from Fat 86, Total Fat 9.6g 15%, Saturated Fat 1.4g 7%, Cholesterol 0mg 0%, Sodium 211mg 9%, Potassium 1160mg 33%, Carbohydrates 44.9g 15%, Dietary Fiber 6.9g 28%, Sugars 3.3g, Protein 4.8g, Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 93%, Calcium 3%, Iron 8%

This yummy roasted potato wedges recipe comes from Judy over at “The Southern Lady Cooks” website, where she offers all manner of Southern cooking tips, recipes, and cuisine advice. If you’re a big fan of Southern food or you’re just interested in learning a new cooking style, you’ll be happy to find many of the traditional favourite recipes here. Yes, there’s even one for Chicken Fried Steak and Gravy.*

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