Oven Roasted Potatoes WithBacon

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Though potatoes are used in many different dishes, sometimes the best potato dish is one where it itself is the star ingredient. This oven roasted potatoes recipe from My Adventures In The Country is the perfect example of a potato dish done right, done pure, and done melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

This recipe is cooked up by Amy, the author of My Adventures In The Country. A teacher by day and an aspiring cook and foodie blogger by night, Amy has created many delicious recipes, as well as shared her gardening and farming tips. She lives in the country, so you can expect fresh ingredients and familiar recipes transformed to a modern era.

There are two parts to this recipe: the potatoes and the toppings or garnishes. The potatoes are first boiled, and the cut into large chunks. Then a key ingredient of the topping, bacon, is prepared, cooked, and cut into pieces. With bacon oil linking the baking pan, the potatoes are then seasoned, and the bacon and rest of the topping ingredients are added. The whole thing is then baked until the the potatoes are evenly brown and golden. Then garnish and serve.

Amy likes to keep her potato skin on for this recipe, and I agree - they offer a little crisp to your bite and looks wonderful when baked to a golden brown. However, if you do not want to include the skins, you dont have to. But I still want to convince you that you shouldnt through them away! There are many reasons for keeping them. Firstly, they are nutritious - the same amount of skin has much more nutrients than the same amount of flesh. Moreover skins are a great source of iron and vitamins, and at least two times more fiber than the flesh. Secondly, there are many ways to transform these peels into delicious dishes. For example you can roast them and turn them into delicious snacks. Thirdly you can use peels for composting. Therefore I implore you to think twice before throwing away the peels next time!

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