Oven Roasted Potatoes

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If you try to figure out how many different roasted potato recipes there is you might find that you are counting into the thousands. Yes there are literally thousands of different recipes to roast taters. This specific recipe from Nicole is a delicious potato recipe. With so many types of potato dishes and especially roasted ones then you will quickly discover all the different ways to cook potatoes. This wonderful food has been around for millennia and you now can roast, broil, boil, steam and bake them. If you are a fan of roasted potatoes then you now have another recipe toad to your list. This delicious potato recipe has you roasting them in the oven. It is a simple yet great recipe to make when you are craving taters and don’t want to fry or boil them. One of many types of potato dishes and part of a long line or roasting recipes this one from Nicole can use more than only one variety of spud. You have red, white, yellow and russet just to name a few. If you consider the many types and the different ways to cook potatoes you will quickly come to the conclusion that every potato has a different consistency and are great for specific recipes or you can adjust the recipe and include any variety out there. If the recipe calls for red potatoes then you can easily substitute them for white ones since they both have the same consistency.

Nicole used gold potatoes and cut them into halves. The size is your own personal choice always and as long as you cut them in uniformed sizes you just adjust your cooking time to the recipe you should be all right. Yellow potatoes cook faster than red ones or gold ones as in Nicole’s delicious recipe. She keeps the spices to the minimum to allow the roasting flavor to be as natural as possible and in thus doing she allows for you to keep them tasty without overdoing it. Recipes for roasting potatoes vary form the Italian to the Greek and you also have roasting techniques that are tailored to specific countries and spices. Try as many different styles as possible and you will have a roasted potato recipe that you can share with others. Always remember recipes are your way to add your own ideas to. Cooking times are usually standard and other than adjustments that you need to make for the type of potato and for the cooking technique.

If you are a fan of russet potatoes then you will be happy to know that they can be made in this recipe and the cooking time does not need to be adjusted. Always remember when substituting any ingredients always remember to adjust the cooking time accordingly since many ingredients have different and varied cooking times. Keep your recipe your own but never forget to adjust for new ingredients.Thanks to Nicole of Wonky Wonderful Blog for this yummy Oven Roasted Potatoes Recipe and bon apetit.

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