Oven-Baked Ranch Chicken Tenders

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Who does not just love Oven-Baked Ranch Chicken Tenders? They are quick, cheap and easy to make. And, although this recipe uses only white meat from the chicken breast, you could choose to use dark meat. The trend has always been to use the white meat, because it is leaner; however, there is so little difference between the white and dark meat in that regard, you might as well try the dark meat. And, dark meat brings its own taste and texture that you may find to be really delightful.

Oven-Baked Ranch Chicken Tenders are put together using a commercial biscuit mix. You could just use flour. It is not quite as good, but it would work. Or try flour blended with equal parts of any cereal. Just crush and mix. That is another of the advantages of tenders such as these ones. The recipe is adaptable and versatile, so you can play a bit with the ingredients and still get a terrific result. These tenders can be served for lunch with a fabulous salad, or for colder days, with potatoes and veggies. Or serve them at dinner. Rice complements the meat really well, and candied carrots would look and taste great. Try any of these combinations, or put together your own for the family.

This is a quick and easy dish. If you wanted to serve it just as a late night snack, that is quickly doable. Serve the tenders with some kind of dip, whether more ranch dressing, BBQ sauce or something else that you might have around. Kids always love ketchup (on every thing in sight!) so even that simple dip could work. Enjoy these Oven-Baked Ranch Chicken Tenders soon.

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